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Tuesday 09/14/04

Read Regular, a font for dyslexics. Not surprisingly, it's very readable even if you read fine. And that Q is cool.

Re: Read Regular

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Dunn Harding 4/27/2005 6:17:30 AM Pacific

how can i get read regular font. my three kids and I have dyslexia. I would like to try it out.
Linda roland 5/6/2005 7:30:04 AM Pacific
So would I. If you have found out then please let me know!


Its 7th May here in England!


Nick Sherwood 5/17/2005 2:26:29 AM Pacific
Looks like it will be available at cost... follow this link:



vortan laverock 2/16/2006 3:54:50 AM Pacific
It saddens me to say that Read Regular just seems to be some sort of strange pipe-dream. The process of 'sorting out the licencing issues' has been ongoing for about three years at the time of writing, with no signs that any progress has been made toward making the font available, commercially or otherwise. What a pity!

Try Aphont or Lexia. At least they are both available for download now!

Jaap 5/4/2011 1:25:49 PM Pacific dyslexia font
Sue Kerrigan 6/2/2011 11:43:32 PM Pacific
It saddens me too! I'm dyslexic and this font feels really good to read, relaxing. I like the shape of the b and d to avoid the confusion of letter reversals. Anyone know if/when it can be purchased?
Gianni Stival 11/2/2011 12:47:24 PM Pacific
This is free:
Alex 2/3/2012 10:21:59 PM Pacific
it makes me mad that they make people pay money just to read easier. i really like the fonts, but I wish they were free

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