[mefi-projects] #008 17-Jun-2001

Comin' atcha live from Seattle, to 165 recipients worldwide, it's the weekly
MetaFilter Projects bulletin, bringing you the news of new sites or updates
by MetaFilter members.

AORTAL- the anti-portal
    According to recent Internet research, only four web sites account for
50 percent of all online minutes. Simply put, this is very sad. We are
encouraging everyone who reads this to spread the word and link to at least
one new independent web site each week  more if you can  grass roots,
y'know? Call it AORTAL, the anti-portal. Write a review if you like. Tell
others who may find you about the great diversity in art, personal
publishing, scientific research, and the spirit of sharing offered by the
original web.
    -- netbros

24-Hour Blogathon
    About a year ago, I blogged for 24 hours straight. It was fun, but did
little more than get attention. When I decided to do it again this year, I
knew it had to mean something. So I'm blogging for a cause--and so are some
other folks.  Blogger or sponsor, we're looking for participants from all
over the web.  Stay up late.  Make a difference.
    -- frykitty

The Backroom
    The Backroom provides gay male bloggers with a safe space to write about
sex, love, relationships and other stuff that matters.  Some truths are too
painful to place on your regular blog to be read by your normal audience
(parents, coworkers, boyfriends...).  But that doesn't mean they can't be
shared. (I helped the creators by registering the domain name and getting
them off of Geocities.)
    -- bjennings

Widevine Technologies
    Your mefi-projects host has a day job at a Seattle technology startup
doing technical writing and Web site maintenance.  Recently I completed a
major overhaul to our site design.  The content is all marketing, of course,
and there are some assumptions in the design (appropriate to our intended
audience), but I'm fairly proud of the way it looks and works.  It's hardly
art, or even half as interesting as other recent announcements, but it _is_
a project I recently finished, so there you have it.
    -- kindall

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