[mefi-projects] #091 17-Oct-2004

Wow, adnan has been busy... at least one of these sites had exceeded its
bandwidth limit at press time, so clearly it's already getting popular.

Sensory Impact <http://www.sensoryimpact.com/>
    Sensory Impact is a web magazine about the culture of objects for both
design enthusiasts and designers that offers a smart mix of news, views and
reviews served fresh daily in bite-sized morsels.
    -- adnan

HPill <http://www.hpill.com/>
    Like Gawker, except its for the United Arab Emirates, home of the
fanciest architectural hoo-ha you'll see.
    -- adnan

Wrist Fashion <http://www.wristfashion.com/>
    Wrist Fashion is a Web Magazine that publishes the latest news, trends
and products from the wristwatch industry in bite-size morsels.
    -- adnan

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